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About This Guide

CADE, in collaboration with Cornell University’s Quality MIlk Production Service (QMPS) - Eastern Regional Laboratory in Cobleskill, New York, and with funding from the New York Farm Viability Institute, are pleased to share this step-by-step resource guide on Selective Dry Cow Treatment (SDCT). 

The guide is intended for dairy farmers, as well as farm workers, on well managed farms that meet recommended herd health goals, to implement SDCT, advance antimicrobial stewardship, and help reduce antibiotic use. It is also a sound reference tool for herd veterinarians, dairy industry consultants, and extension agents for implementing SDCT on dairy farms, as an alternative to the current standard practice of Blanket Dry Cow Therapy. 

For 30 years, CADE has been helping New York’s farm and food businesses thrive. Committed to sustainable farm practices that benefit people, planet, and business bottom lines, CADE aims to make SDCT the “new norm” in New York State, with half the State’s dairy cows enrolled in the practice by 2024. Our collaborators, NYFVI, Cornell University, Dairy Health, and QMPS share this commitment.

Is SDCT right for my farm?

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