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Using an Incremental Approach to SDCT

If you would like to start slowly and see if SDCT is a good fit for your farm, you can begin with an incremental approach using the following additional guidelines (even though the decision-making model was developed with the default thresholds):

  • Adjust your specific objective criteria, outlined in steps 1-5 in both the small farms and large-mid size farms sections, starting with fewer cows drying-off without antibiotics and more cows  selected to receive antibiotics at dry-off

    • Cows MUST be enrolled systematically using your criteria, not subjectively or haphazardly (see examples of systematic vs subjective in the section, IS SDCT A GOOD FIT FOR MY FARM?)

    • Focus on individual cow DHIA test SCC values: Set at SCC less than 200,000 for treatment

    • Treat animals with fewer cases of clinical mastitis, e.g., 0-1 instead of 2 

  • Monitor SDCT cows closely during the dry period and keep accurate records

  • Review all data with your veterinarian to determine if your protocols are working, SDCT is right for your farm, and you aren’t missing cows that need treatment

  • Once you are comfortable, return to the established proven criteria (as described in item 5 in the small farms section or item 4 for large farm section)

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